Founded in 2000, creative health & training delivers creative, out-of-the-box wellness solutions to clients globally.
Jacqueline Le Sueur
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creative health & training works with investors, owners and management companies to bring spa and wellness facilities from the drawing board to fruition using a hands-on, creative and engaging approach. We also work with businesses already operating to help them realise their full potential.

Combining experience in learning & development with that in coaching and complementary medicine, creative health & training also offer team and individual programs that help combat the rise in workplace anxiety and stress.



 Jacqueline Le Sueur  is the owner of creative health & training. She has extensive experience in the hospitality & spa/wellness arena in a career that has spanned the globe. She has lived in Africa for 7 years and South East Asia for 16, as well as in the UK and has worked in 17 countries with multi-cultural, multi-linguistic teams. She has worked on projects across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, and in the Middle East.


Jacqueline's key skills lie in conceptual thinking, 360 communication, empathy, rapid response, focussed delivery, flexibility, team work and the ability to work with minimal guidance. She holds international qualifications in aromatherapy, a range of massage techniques, reflexology and Reiki, and had 3 therapeutic practises in the UK for 5 years.


Jacqueline was a co-founder of the Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC) in 2005 and a board member from its inception until 2011. The APSWC supported professional associations in 17 countries, representing approximately 250,000 employees, with training and business advice on a pro bono basis. She has published over 60 articles & essays in international consumer & professional magazines specialising in health, wellness, travel and inspiration and has spoken at spa & wellness conferences all over the world.

When  not at her desk you’ll find Jacqueline working in her garden, peering into dark alleys, rummaging through secondhand bookshops, bartering at dawn in markets, cycling to the summits of Alpine passes & hurtling down the other side, and  skiing down the same mountains she rides up in the summer. On her little finger she wears a ring engraved with ‘tutto è possible.’ Anything is possible.



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