Combining experience in learning & development with that in coaching & complementary medicine, creative health & training offer creative & engaging team and individual programs that aim to reduce the rise in workplace anxiety & stress, increase employee happiness, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism & presenteeism.



Across our business our approach is designed to suit you:


  • we listen to your vision, your needs ... and to your constraints

  • we translate these into workable solutions using our experience & the research we carry out

  • we work with your teams, supporting them to achieve our joint goals

  • we deliver on time, to budget

  • we work globally using digital technology, travelling to you only when you need us - minimising your costs & our carbon footprint

We also work with investors, spa owners and management companies, assisting them through our individual approach to maximise the performance of their spas and wellness centres, both operationally & financially:

Design & Development



  • we liaise with architects and interior designers to give confidence that the space they are designing together with the materials, and the fixtures, fittings & equipment chosen are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional too, ensuring the opportunity for a profitable business, delighted customers who want to return, and high staff morale




  • we research the marketplace, using this information, coupled with our experience to design concepts and operational & marketing strategies that provide the foundation for a business that meets the needs of the target audience and investor/operator requirements 

  • we present profit & loss forecasts indicating the financial potential of your future business

  • we develop treatments that make a difference, supported by clear, easy-to-use protocols

  • we identify retail & professional products that support the concept and deliver a point of difference in the local market

  • we write operating standards that ensure your teams deliver quality service ... consistently


Training, Coaching, Management & Audits



  • we assist with team recruitment by developing job descriptions and competency matrices based on your operational demands and internal benchmarks

  • we train your team - treatments, service excellence, sales, marketing, supervision, management & team work

  • we coach your team - using the science of Emergenetics to realize their potential in the way they uniquely think and behave ... as individuals and as a team

  • we support your team in the lead up to opening with rehearsals and treatment practice sessions

  • we provide post-opening management support - designed to be as little or as much as you need, for as long as you need 

  • we conduct audits - for operational performance, service standards, technical treatment delivery - ensuring you  stay ahead of the crowd

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