January 18, 2019

Originally published October 2006 in The Bali Advertiser & thereafter in the Thai Spa Association UPDATE magazine.

January 2019 : London : a cloudy winter’s day where the sun is trying hard to make its presence felt.

I have just opened my emails to find one from a dear f...

October 9, 2018

I just went to the shops. I parked in a multi-storey carpark that has car wash guys working in a designated area.

I pulled up into a bay in my 15 year old car; two workers nearby, both sitting on their butts doing nothing. I got out, asked for a standard wash - already...

April 17, 2018

A few weeks ago I received the annual renewal notice for my roadside assistance for my car. I have written here before about the shenanigans that inevitably occur when this comes about however this year's take the biscuit.

It is an expensive time of year as th...

July 31, 2017

I am a cyclist. Have been since I was a child and am hoping to stay that way long beyond my current two score and sixteen years. It is time for my road bike to go overseas to a place where I will be riding often; cheaper by far than renting bikes all the time and for s...

January 21, 2016

This image apparently went viral in (or is it 'on') social media this week. Makes a change from cats looking grumpy or pandas snoring, I guess. Despite being very active on various platforms it passed me by, only to land up being shared with me by a friend who suggeste...

January 19, 2016

It's the middle of the winter here in the UK. In rural England where I live the roads are covered in mud and deep pools of water. Whilst this can make for some entertaining driving it also ensures a very dirty car. So dirty that I keep a packet of wet wipes in the car...

January 7, 2016

 A letter landed on the doormat this morning, its purpose clearly inscribed on the envelope ... the annual renewal of my roadside assistance cover for my much-loved 12 year old car. 


I have used this particular company for many years. Every so now and again I have...

October 5, 2015


A chap in blue overalls unexpectedly knocked on my front door this afternoon and when I asked what he wanted he replied, in a broad Devon brogue,


"I've been told to come and look at your bush, maid."


I couldn't help myself on this day of weirdness and I burst out laug...

August 19, 2015

A few days ago I was treated to dinner at one of London's oldest and most renowned fine dining establishments: they have been serving food for over 250 years. My dining companion had eaten there before so, with a reservation made a day earlier, our anticipation of an...

August 7, 2015

I do not know this man’s name. I know him only as Seeing Eyes. I met him under a tree on a local island in Shaviyaani Atoll in the far north of the Republic of Maldives. 


It was a breathlessly hot day. Blindingly bright, the heat and light reflecting off the white cora...

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